Welcome to HQ! // Meet the Team


Moses - CEO & President

Kahlid - Vice President

We live in a world where success is already defined for us. Often people spend their whole lives proving they are someone that they're not. The truth is that success is different for everyone, NeverOffSchedule(NOS) is about finding yourself to create your own success. Through a schedule of positivity, consistency, and of course hard work, we believe it is possible to achieve any goal you desire. The recipe is self improvement by constantly training the mind, body, and soul.

Join us as this movement sets a new standard for success.

2019 NOTE from the CEO:

Things are very different now. I've so far accomplished my first big dream, working in the big city - BOSTON! Since growing a small business is such a challenging thing, I've picked up working 3 different jobs; the 40 hour work hustle being the one in the city and my side hustles' affording my other passions. I find investing my time into my health, friendships, spirituality and projects to be very satisfying and enjoy serving my customers. Going into 2019 Summer I've faced quite a bit of challenges, but staying NOS and keeping strong faith has got me through them! Thus I'm happy to announce some BRAND new products coming to the store stay tuned! Follow our Instagram for latest news - @neveroffschedule