Music is an incredible tool for motivation whether it’s creating it or just listening. Many situations, feelings, and thoughts can be changed just by music itself. We appreciate other crafts as well and aim to supply more and more motivation through music and other art forms on this page.

Recent Local Activity:

Massachusetts Music Artist Ben Grizz(shown to the right) recently dropped a video to “Steak and Rice.”

Check out his latest music here

Hairstylist Mikayla Butler perfecting her craft with movie sets and more exciting new jobs. 

Take a look at her Insta teawithmikayla



#MillennialMoves(#MM) is our personal recognition and shoutout to Millennials that are on track towards their own personal goals.

Featured Winner:

Rashida Williams / @_shidabomb @Rockyourroots

-FSU Graduate

-CEO of Rock Your Roots Clothing brand


“The successful warrior is just an average man, with laser like focus” – Bruce Lee


As you get closer to your goal and better your life, it feels greater when other people in your community are doing the same.

Don’t be afraid to recognize someone’s else’s hard work because we are all trying to get better.


@afrik.n Weekly Artist: @Robyn.hoodmusic